The Story of the Aran Islands Knitwear Website

When Cian Geoghegan and his wife Paula contacted us about setting up a website for their shop we went over to Galway city to check out their shop and see what we could do, and to check out if we could help. I couldn’t believe my eyes – the Galway Woolen Market shop in 21 […]...

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How Cause Marketing Can Help Your Business

If there was an admirable way to improve the reputation of your company would you do it? That is exactly what happens when you link a marketing effort to a good cause. In recent years we have created successful partnerships between non-profit or charitable organisations, and business organisations a...

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My Tips for Building Relationships with Your Customers

Our relationships with other people, like our parents, family, friends, teachers are very important and as we all know good relationships have a very positive effect on our lives. Recently, I find myself thinking more and more about how our relationships with our customers has changed, and there is ...

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